What is WalQlike?
WalQlike is a mobile application that offers interesting city walks in the style of a simple quest. Along the way, we have collected a lot of mysterious stories, historical sights and secret locations for you.

Choose WalQlike, get unique impressions and walk around the city the way you really like.
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What does it mean?
We are already presented in 10 cities of Ukraine, and the whole world is ahead! Our mission is to turn walks into vivid informal adventures and save you time for searching and planning. That is why each route in the application is special and nonstandard. Choose yours one and explore the city from new side.

Beside this, WalQlike is working on a custom quest generation function. We are still testing this possibility, but you can already try to create your own route in Kyiv. A special algorithm will select places according to your interests and create an ideal route! The experience of such an excursion could not be compared with any guidebook!
Click the video for inspiration!
About us
We are those who have believed that turning a strong idea into a cool project is possible. This is not one step, but a real quest, where each stage is exciting and motivating. Stas, Pasha and Taras are obstinately working on the implementation of the WalQlike startup, inspired by success and support, learn from mistakes and continue to move forward.

Do you have a question or proposal for cooperation? Write to us. We are always glad to meet new people.
Stanislav Okolot
Pavlo Klochko
Taras Kolomoiets