Walk you like, my friend! Take a walk that you really like.
Here you are in a new city. What’s up with free time? Lack, as usual, to see all the main places. You turn on your wild horse mode and goooooo… Stop! Don’t. It’s wrong. Let’s have a walk together!
Pick a quest!
Here we have some prepared quests but you may create your own according to your interests, free time and a company you travel with. We have come to the famous city Lviv and will be in Kyiv soon.
Open map and forward march!
First, reach the zone of the attraction open. Find the requested objects and solve a riddle. Hurry! Time’s up!
How curious!
We collected fancy details about the city, its inhabitants, buildings and mystery stories. Walk, search, find and get known!
Have a question!
Are you focused? Do you notice details? Answer our questions to go forward. We have different types of questions: text, options, numbers, and photos.
Further is more!
Who has found the right answer, good for you! Who failed, they would have 5 additional penalty minutes to the game lasting time. It’s a competition, no time to jokes!
The route is done, mission is completed. Now take a look on stats! You may be the fastest traveler. How about one more quest by the way?
Free quests for your joy!
There is little free time in our lives. We do our best to make your traveling adventured. Download the application and open the world in a way you like!